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Nashville Landmark NOT Appearing in Batman v. Superman


UPDATE: it turns out this was a hoax. My childlike joy clouded my judgement and allowed me to be fooled by the false information reported at Nashville.com. It looks like they were fooled by an April Fools article by Nashville Geek Life. Anyways, sorry for the unintentional misinformation.

According to Nashville.com, WB has announced that the AT&T building, nicknamed the “Batman Building” by Nashvillians, might be making an appearance in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” as Wayne Enterprises Headquarters.


If you are unfamiliar with the Nashville skyline, the Batman Building got it’s nickname due to it’s shape, which distinctly resembles Batman’s cowl. I grew up in Nashville and I remember as a kid thinking that Batman lived in the building so seeing it serve as Wayne Enterprises sort of validates my childhood. However, it isn’t the most subtle building design for someone who doesn’t want the world to know he’s Batman.

“Okay, so we know Batman has to have an obscene amount of money to pay for all his gadgets, vehicles, and specialized training. And we also know that he has to be in great shape. There’s not a lot of people in Gotham that fit that criteria… What about Bruce Wayne? He’s rich, ripped, and the company he owns is based in a building shaped like Batman’s head.” – any moderately intelligent Gothamite.

That being said, I’m ecstatic that this is happening. I can’t wait to see one of the most prominent landmarks in the Nashville skyline become the headquarters of one of my favorite heroes. My childhood has come full circle.

In the announcement, director Zack Snyder said, “I’m not sure how much time will be spent shooting in the Nashville area, but I can safely say that the city will fare much better than Metropolis did!”

DC rep, Matt Hagen, stated, “Using the AT&T building is a natural choice to represent Wayne Enterprises in Batman vs. Superman. It’s unique design reinforces the subtlety in storytelling that director Zack Snyder is widely known for.” Subtlety might not be the word I’d use (actually “obvious” might be a better word) but good for Nashville. I can’t wait to see it in Batman v. Superman.

*There is a chance that this is all an elaborate joke so don’t be too crushed if it turns out to be a falsehood. If it does turn out to be false the Riddler deserves to be caught an sent to Arkham.

Source: http://www.nashville.com/news/nashville-entertainment/nashville-landmark-selected-for-batman-film

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